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fed up of looking for a needle in a haystack?

You’ve won a new contract, or need to grow your team…fast. Congratulations, that’s fantastic news! Like most Microsoft Partners, you need to hire quickly and efficiently, but you know the market is candidate driven, which means finding good people is difficult…. not such fantastic news. If you’re struggling to find good talent, you aren’t alone. We’ve been helping Microsoft partners to find the best talent available in the market for the past 20 years.

Having Partner status doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get the best talent…

In fact, some of the best talent in the market have never applied for a role online or put their CV on a job board.


That’s where we come in, we can introduce you to people you traditionally won’t have been able to reach. How?...


Get in touch and let us take the stress out of finding you the right people, fast.

Because we’re part of the microsoft community

We’re a trusted part of the Microsoft talent community because we’ve made it our mission to be a part of it. We’re often referred to as ‘the community recruiters’ because we make it our business to freely share our market knowledge with both talent and hiring managers.

We don’t just rely on job boards or LinkedIn, because we don’t have to; we’ve made it our business to build an extensive network of Microsoft professionals.


Will’s list of contacts in the industry is phenomenal, and this shows the respect he commands across the business world and the community.

Microsoft MVP

Finding you the right people is kind of our speciality…

You know the drill, you’ve got to find new team members with specialist skills, like, yesterday. You’re already inwardly groaning because you know you’re going to have to trawl through hundreds of C.V’s that aren’t the right fit…and time is not on your side.

It doesn’t have to be that hard.

Making your hiring process almost painless (you still have to do the interviews)

We know that trying to reverse engineer a person into a job spec, doesn’t work. If it did, hiring new talent would be easy! Which is why we don’t believe in job descriptions. They only describe the job, not the person you’re looking for.

The right people, every time

When you work with us, we’ll make sure we understand your needs really well. In fact, if we can’t talk to the hiring manager about a role, we won’t take the role on. Yes, talking to the hiring manager really is that important in your search to find new talent.


Pre-qualified people

We also have our in-house, 2-step interview process before you get to see a C.V. This means you’re quickly up and running with a low C.V. to interview ratio and the hiring process is also managed end-to-end by us, so you can focus on what you need to in your own role.


Will and the team know the market and they robustly challenge me and my hiring managers on what we’re looking for. That can’t be underestimated.

Founder, Microsoft Partner


They take the time to understand what sort of person and skill set you’re looking for and are really good at setting salary expectations and skills requirements. They honed in on what we wanted and then all of a sudden, pretty much every person they were sending us, we wanted to recruit.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Helping you stay competitive

We provide feedback from interviews to both you and the candidate. Our clients say this feedback is invaluable for staying competitive in a market where it’s already hard to find talent. You’ll also be given honest advice about what’s happening in the market so you don’t risk losing out; good people often have more than one offer on the table.


Get in touch and let us take the stress out of finding you the right people, fast.